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The European LPG Industry

The LPG industry plays an important role in economic and social development in Europe. Its highly flexible supply chain provides an energy source to support all manner of economic activity. Additionally, its labour-intensive structure is itself a significant source of employment


controlThe European LPG industry is characterized by a comprehensive distribution chain. As such, it can facilitate economic activity and development anywhere in Europe, even in areas beyond the reach of energy grids.

The dynamism of the companies - large multinationals or SMEs - is at the origin of the competitiveness and the innovation of the sector.

Over a period of decades, the sector’s operators have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, never ceasing to pursue higher standards of safety and security. The European LPG industry is committed to putting the sum total of its expertise at the service of European decision-makers and society as a whole.

This expertise is also reflected in the industry’s proven capacity for technical innovation. Notable examples include the development of new light-weight metal and/or composite cylinders and the development of telemetry (remote management systems), both of which constitute significant improvements in terms of safety, and facility of use. As outlined in the industry Roadmap, European LPG operators are committed to continuing the pursuit of excellence through innovation.

150,000 direct and indirect employees make the sector a strong contributor to stable employment and a source of social development at national and regional levels.

One of the most notable characteristics of the sector in Europe is its ongoing efforts to develop a comprehensive set of technical and safety standards. These measures have served for decades as global references for best practices.

It is important to note that none of the AEGPL’s activities would be possible without the active and consistent support of its members, particularly the national associations whose ongoing efforts to communicate the views of the LPG industry to national decision-makers are a fundamental platform of support for action at European and international level.

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