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Move With LPG

Automotive LPG, Europe's leading alternative fuel, offers a clean and lower carbon alternative for Europe's roads.


carAutomotive LPG, also known as Autogas, is Europe's most widely used alternative fuel. With over 7,800,000 vehicles already running on Autogas, serviced by a filling station network of over 31,000 sites, Autogas offers Europe's drivers an alternative to conventional fuels. Furthermore, its particular characteristics, both as a fuel and an industry, make it ideally suited to the contemporary energy and environmental paradigm in which Europe faces the challenge of balancing the diverse imperatives of security, sustainability, competitiveness.

As an environmentally friendly and economical fuel, Autogas can help keep Europe's citizens moving while minimizing the impact of transport on human health and the environment. These attributes make it an obvious alternative as part of a diverse and sustainable energy mix.

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Transforming this potential into reality can only be achieved through an immediate an concerted commitment on the part of not only the Autogas industry, but also policy-makers at European, national and local level. With little need for investment in infrastructure, this is a process which can and should start right now. Click here for more information about our positions on transport policy.

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