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Heat with LPG

LPG is often the ideal solution for heating buildings - clean, sustainable and available everywhere


Radiator ReducedWhen building a new home of refurbishing a heating system, the choice of heating source is an important decision and should be based on objective analysis of the end-user's needs an preferences. Millions of homes across Europe currently use LPG as their heating source as in areas beyond the gas grid, it represents a clean, efficient, and modern alternative.

The relative advantages of LPG can make it a highly attractive heating solution. LPG can meet a household’s energy needs, all while enhancing indoor air quality and contributing to the protection of human health. Generating significantly lower levels of particulate matter, as well as sulphur and NOx emissions, LPG helps keep homes cleaner and safer for their occupants.

ShowerAdditionally, LPG boilers have the added advantage of emitting almost no particulate matter into the air. This constitutes a significant benefit for citizens, policy-makers and society in general in terms of protection of public health. Recent scientific evidence also demonstrates that some types of particulate matter, especially black carbon - more commonly know as soot - have been found to cause global warmin and. as a clean gaseous fuel, LPG emits almost no black carbon thus reducing its impact on the climate.

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