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Benefits of LPG

LPG offers significant benefits to both the end-user and society as a whole

clean LPG has low particle emissions, low NOx emissions, and low sulphur content meaning that it does not pollute the air as much as many other energy sources. LPG can therefore contribute significantly to both indoor and outdoor air quality.
LPG is available right now in quantities that can service the energy needs of millions of citizens across Europe and the world. Looking forward LPG will remain in abundance globally for the forseeable future. LPG a an energy source which society can depend on for many years to come. available
secure Due to the its dual origins and the fact that it's easily transportable, LPG offers a secure alternative to other energy sources which are part of a grid system. If one source of LPG is unavailable, then it is always possible to supply it from another one. Not only is LPG produced in Europe in large quantities, when it is imported, it arrives from the north, south, east and west.
LPG can be used practically anywhere. From emergency relief operations to isolated islands to ski resorts at altitude - LPG can reach places other energies can not. In Europe, LPG has a flexible and decentralized distribution network which reaches beyond energy grids, facilitating development and activity in areas with a low population density. Portable
Lower Carbon
lower carbon LPG is a low carbon alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Its combustion emits 33% less carbon-dixoide than coal and 15% less than heating oil. LPG also emits almost no black carbon, which scientists now believe is the second biggest contributor to climate change globally and is perhaps the single biggest cause of arctic warming.
Gaseous fuels such as LPG offer inherently high efficiency, an advantage that has been greatly enhanced by the emergence of performance-optimising technology such as condensing boilers and renewable/LPG hybrid systems. In view of the environmental, economic, and strategic benefits associated with a reduction of energy demand, a switch to LPG from other, less efficient alternatives is a smart move for individual end-users and European society as a whole. efficient
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